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Jennifer Lee 

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The Twisting Flame

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In A Single Spark, Lady Carys and her family were forced from their aristocratic life in Taurova, creating a new life in the western land of Lund. They quickly became the target of dangerous people, and Carys was finally forced to hire the mysterious Ben to help protect them. As their friendship blossomed into more and her family’s circumstances began to spiral, she no longer knew whom to trust. When the unthinkable occured and everything she believed was ripped away, it was too late — she had been caught in the dark net of their enemies.


Now, in The Twisting Flame, Carys must survive amidst unimaginable horrors as she fights the corruption of the enemy. Abducted by a mysterious and brutal stranger, Carys is taken to Azkaelom and pushed to the very limits of her strength and endurance as she longs for freedom and fights for her very survival. At last, as she faces the Lord of Azkaelom, she begins to understand the truth behind her abduction and comprehend the significance of the storm she’s been pulled into.


“I longed to be the woman I had once been, ignorant and foolish, but there is no going back...The spark that had flashed to life had become a flame, twisting my fate into its own form and life as I knew it was over.” ~Carys

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