The "Rise Of The Phoenix" Series

A Single Spark


“My name is Carys. This is my story, though perhaps it is more of an explanation, or maybe a confession...its name matters less than the fact it is my only way to show the world that I am not the villain the history books will claim that I am...everything that I did was to save those I love.”


In the first book of the gripping 'Rise Of The Phoenix' series, we meet Lady Carys, the oft-overlooked middle child of an aristocratic family, though undoubtedly the glue that holds them together. Old rumors of murder and corruption and the tragic death of their mother haunt them, finally driving them to start fresh in a new land.


Carys and her family quickly learn that a simpler life does not mean safer, uncovering dangers that lurk in the shadows even in this rustic city filled with simple folk. As they struggle to build their new life and avoid trouble, Ben is hired into the family's service, a mysterious and handsome stranger who’s guardianship over Carys becomes deeply personal as he seeks to keep her and her family safe.


All the while, beyond their realm of perception, the gathering storm churns around them, threatening to pull them into a tempest of malevolence far greater than they could imagine. Will they discover the true threat before it’s too late?

"A Single Spark"


Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

A Single Spark is a work of fiction in the epic fantasy, family saga,
and adventure sub-genres, and was penned by author Tayvia Pierce
as the first novel in the Rise of The Phoenix series. A twisting family
drama filled with conspiracy and intrigue, we find ourselves in a
fantasy world where an aristocratic family is forced to leave their
land and start anew after rumors of murder and corruption plague
them. Lady Carys lies at the core of this family, and though she is
overlooked and gossiped about, a storm even bigger than what
they’ve been through is waiting to break over their new life before
it’s even begun.

Author Tayvia Pierce delivers a fantastic mix of fantasy, mystery,
family drama, and suspenseful fiction in this sweeping and complex
work of masterful storytelling. I was swept into the characters and
their world right from the off, from the comedown of the well-to-do
into a rustic world, the mysterious figure that offers them aid, and
the tragedy that seems to follow them from chapter to chapter.
Structurally this makes for a really exciting and hard to predict plot,
which sees Carys and her family put to the test by many different
trials as it unfolds. The emotional work put into our central
protagonist also makes her an intriguing anti-hero figure, which was
very well presented and explored. Overall, I would highly
recommend A Single Spark as an excellent start to what promises
to be an exciting and engaging fantasy family drama with much
more intrigue and mystery to come.

Coming in 2021

Rise of the Phoenix Book 2

"The Twisting Flame"

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