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The "Echoes of Isirion" Series


I have loved spy stories since my teen years, and during the development of Isirion's history, I knew that this world would include a spy network of its own. In my first NaNoWriMo event in 2022, I knew it was the perfect time to begin developing this part of Isirion's history and the events that led up to what became known as The Decimation.

Join a small crew of spies known as "Echoes" as they learn that one of their own has been captured by the forces of Mor'aat Raan. What he knows could destroy the Order, so they attempt a daring rescue. Things don't go as planned, and they quickly realize the devastating truth: their enemies have already outwitted them. 

- Tayvia -

The Door In The Darkwood

I know many horror writers, and as we often discuss our books and WIPs, I became intrigued with trying my hand at horror. For NaNoWriMo 2023, I decided to dive in and draft a creeping horror novel.


It was a small mountain town hidden in the woods where Aeva Price lived. Her life hadn’t been an easy one; the search for her lost sister in the woods only to find her murdered during their childhood left her feeling guilty and scarred, so when she chose a career in Search and Rescue, nobody was surprised. It was a night like any other when she first dreamed of the door in the woods. Once through it, her dream becomes fractured and disjointed, surreal and frightening.


When she gets the report of a missing person the next morning, she heads out with her partner, Jett, only to find the missing man is her ex-boyfriend, and his grisly murder spurs an investigation, unlike anything this small town has ever seen. Bizarre clues, and a trail that leads nowhere…and when more people start dying, Aeva can’t help but feel like each of these murders is familiar…and she wasn’t wrong.

- Tayvia -

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